In early January of 2003 seven women loaded two mini vans with props, costumes, make up, wigs, a whole lot of enthusiasm, and a casket and set out for New York City to fulfill a dream. After months of rehearsals, we were ready to perform our very first play, the hilarious "The Untimely Demise of Big Earl Jessup" written by Martha Shore Winters just for us. "Big Earl" has since been performed in a number of venues across the country, and THAT was just the beginning!


 Our small group has changed the face of theater in Lexington. Our dinner theater productions have proved to be extremely popular with sold out houses being the norm. We are known for doing a variety of contemporary comedies, two of which were written especially for The Hot Flash Players.


Sharing our love of theater and the arts with our community has enabled us to donate a portion of the proceeds from each production to a local charity. Choosing that charity is the first decision we make after selecting the play we are going to produce. We feel extremely fortunate that we are able to make a small difference in our community and plan to continue in the years to come. Plus, we love what we do!

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