Stars of the show

Tabitha Stilwell Wilkins 

Tabitha is thrilled to be performing again with the Hot Flash Players and appreciates any opportunity to grace the stage and give many the gift of a good belly laugh! She has been singing and entertaining since she was about 4 years old and never plans to lay her gifts to rest. She hails from Oak Ridge, NC where she lives with some pretty special people...her family! She'd like to thank all of you and mostly her family for allowing her to keep her gifts polished.

Paula Noonan

Paula is a second time "stage manager" for the Hot Flash Players, a Real Estate Broker by profession, she fully enjoys the work of participating in these productions.

Without the support of her husband Jim, there would be no time for all this FUN!


Rebecca Stanifer




Pam McAfee


Bonnie Byerly

Bonnie has been a teacher in Davidson County for the last 13 years. This is her first production with the Hot Flash Players. Previous performances include daily acts to keep a class full of second graders entertained! She is excited and grateful for the opportunity to bring Libby to life.

Ginger Briggs

I would like to thank my family for supporting me in my theater endeavors. For years I have normally worked behind the scenes as stage manager or working lights or sound. I have done it all. This play allows me to work behind the scenes but yet be a part of the play. I like that! I especially would like to thank our “assistant director” for his insights as to how we should act. Thank you, Wyatt!

Jason Roland 

Jason Roland is thrilled to be working again with his friends in the Hot Flash Players. As a director, he has worked with them on the Lexington premiere performance of The Untimely Demise of Big Earl Jessup and Scarletdale (which he would like to humbly point out, he also wrote). As a performer, he has appeared in the Hot Flash Player’s productions of Radio TBS, A Tuna Christmas and Smoke on the Mountain among others. He is a founding member of the sketch comedy groups The Sloan and The Rabbit Brothers and he writes material and performs stand-up for the comedy collective Comics at Fault. Jason would like to thank the wonderful cast and crew of this show and all of their hard work and for putting up with him at rehearsal. He would also like to thank Jesse for putting up with him at home. 


Jack Balliveau




Cornelia Beck Briggs

God, Family, Friend, Pets, Theatre, her Husband's love and scenery design and an abode by the water - these are a few of Cornelia's favorite things. The acting and singing bug hit her when she was three and has picked up speed adding writing and directing along the way. Amateur to professional and back to amateur again (it’s just easier and more fun!). She is one of the founding members of the Hot Flash Players. "Enough about me; I sort of convinced my family that my behavior was normal and bless their hearts, they have been very supportive!"